Thursday, July 22, 2010

A little rant of mine

So I'm not a writer, but every once in a while I get to something good. Here you go-

its so amazing

to sit there

and work for hours on end on the only thing that fuels me

and then, when I get out there on the field with them, with my band

its....its like it all comes together.

its like....all my hard work, paying off in that moment that i cant see it, but...i can hear it, and i know weve made it, and that it was perfect. and I'm a part of it.

and i know that no matter how loud I am, I wont stick out there. it all fits together perfectly to create this...effect. you start watching it get....sucked in, and you feel what were playing. and we feel it. we all feel it.

its like....hope, honestly.

its like making hope.

and you know, that if you were to ever go back and play it again for the same audience

it would


be the same.

and the more you play it for different audiences, the more emotion you get from it because you get a different thought every time you play it

and it all pools together

and then its over.

just like that.

and everyone will remember the feeling, but never the sound.

and thats what you call, marching season.

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